Wednesday, August 1, 2007

America's Got Talent?

I missed America's got talent last night. The only reason I regret this is that I was unable to find out if Boy Shakira/Brittney got kicked off. He should have gotten kicked off long ago. It's just disgusting. It's just plain wrong that he would cross dress and dance around the stage flopping his fat everywhere. It's morally wrong and gross. I have nothing against plus sized people, I am one of them, but I still think they should dress tastefully and I'm certainly not for cross-dressing or homosexuality. I'll support any person in their right to choose a lifestyle, but that does not mean I have to support or respect the lifestyle they choose. Honestly, things are getting ridiculous in America! We need to start standing up for what is right and standing against what is wrong! To my relief, I've logged on the America's got Talent website and found that Boy Shakira did get kicked off, something that should have happened a long time ago. Personally, I'm rooting for Terry Fator , the Duttons, or the Glamazons.
I've already written one post on this subject that goes more into detail on my opinions. If you wish to read that article/post, click here:

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