Friday, August 10, 2007

Entertainment Friday: Articles and Movie News

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Interesting Christian News
Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) acquired the Holy Land Experience theme park in Orlando, Florida. Attendance at the Holy Land Experience has slumped since the park opened in 2001. tbn hopes to boost attendance by promoting the park through its extensive television network. tbn also plans to reverse policies that banned Pentecostals from working in the park.
Do you think this is crazy? Part of me wants to say this is a silly way to create another fad and go with the worldly way of things, but most of me wants to say this is another opportunity to witness to others. What do you think?

Christian Articles of the Week
On Not Transforming the World

Some Interesting News Articles

Laura Bush is writing a children’s book.

Luciano Pavarotti in Hospital


Hollywood Remakes of Old Cartoons
Hollywood is getting into a habit of making remake films of old cartoons. Here are some links that might interest you.

Speed Racer

Johnny Quest

Spider Man the Musical
While another late Hollywood trend has been to turn musicals into movies, we now find that they are considering turning movies into musicals. I’ve heard rumors of an “Ever After” Musical, a Spider Man musical is now in the works.

The Little Mermaid
Disney is also in the process of turning “The Little Mermaid” into a musical. It comes out this winter.

Other Movie News – Jack Black’s New Film
This film just reminds me of a Nickelodeon’s All That sketch, but looks good. It’s called “Be Kind, Rewind.”

Pink Panther
In other news, they’re making a Pink Panther sequel. This is ridiculous considering how horribly stupid and boring the first remake was.

Fahrenheit 451 Remake Starring Tom Hanks

Snowyville – Another Christmas Movie – Starring Tim Curry

Monopoly Board Game the Movie

The Other Boleyn Girl

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