Wednesday, July 11, 2007

America's Got Talent? More like America's got political correctness

Give me a break! The only person with any sense on this show (America's Got Talent) is David Hasselhoff! He's the only person with any real talent or experience. I've never like the Osbournes and Piers just is a Simon Cowell wannabe (and he pulls it off better than Cowell). What really ticks me off is how they put through people to the top 20 tonight who had no more talent than Napoleon Dynamite. Some of the groups they let go should have been put through. I'm glad they got rid of the gay pride guy with the extravagant costumes and girl backups who just stand there and look good. Still, "Boy Shakira," whom they did put through, just makes me want to throw up! It's bad enough that it's a guy dressed up as a girl, but he's also a little too large to be belly dancing. It's morally wrong and just plain disgusting to watch. Not that I'm prejudice against fat people; I'm fat myself. One group that got sent through was a group of plus sized pusscat dolls, but they dressed tastefully and they weren't crossdressers. Maybe Boy Shakira wouldn't be so terrible if he lost some weight and danced as a boy and not as a girl belly dancer. Still, while I have nothing against him as a person and I respect his choice to dance the way he does, the does not mean I respect or agree with the act itself, especially since I'm Christian. Honestly, what is the world coming to? And then you have the Ballywood dancer who doesn't dance any better than Napoleon Dynamite. He's not nearly as bad as Boy Shakira, but give me a break. I don't care how much magic he may create for the judges, it's just a laugh. Ballywood is there for a good laugh and does have it's positive sides. I love the movie "Bride and Prejudice." But randomly moving about on the stage does not count as real star talent and most definately is not worth a million dollars! You've got to be kidding me! Please, America! Get some sense into your head, since obviously the judges don't have any sense. I know they want diversity, but this is not diversity in talents. This is just plain political correctness. Sure their acts are unique, but they're not up to parr and they don't contain true talent that is worth a million dollars. Give me a break! I wish everything didn't have to be so politically correct! On top of all this the judges are always having hissy fits over the contestants. Hasselhoff is the only one I agree with and I really do wish he would walk off teh show for good out of rage against the decision to put Boy Shakira and Ballywood boy through. I bet if Simon Cowell was a judge he wouldn't let them through (although Paula would probably side with Osbourne). As a last comment I must say that surprisingly enough, other than Hasselhoff, Jerry Springer as host is the only one who comes through to the audience. He does not cause as much controversy as you would think and he seems rather sensitive and loving. I'd like to see more of this and less of the Jerry Springer Show (another show which I despise - won't even go there).


Poorhouse Dad said...

Love your comments! I think Hasselhoff has more than his share of hissy fits, but at least he walks out over legitimate issues! You ROCK!!!

Sicarii said...

Oh dear, it is *that* bad, huh? As I mentioned, you should definitely check out the British version for better performers and performances, seriously.