Saturday, August 18, 2007

Saturday at the Movies

I've been watching a lot of movies lately and thought I would post some quick short reviews on them.

Rating: four out of five stars

Comments: I can see why it did not get the best reviews in the world. The book is probably better and the film can slow in parts. However, I loved the acting and the story was not half bad. Most of all, I loved the soundtrack. The story is fairly predictable, but fun and enjoyable.

Christian Remarks: Twice in the film sexual activity is implied. There are also dark witches in the film. Ghosts appear often (as the comic relief). It is not the best film for a younger child, but mature Christian teens might enjoy the film for what it is: fiction. I certainly plan on buying this one.

Becoming Jane
Rating: Five out of Five stars

Comments: I was very surprised at how much I liked Anne Hathaway in this. She has grown a lot since Princess Diaries. I only wish she had a stronger English accent. Maggie Smith was wonderful. All the acting was great. Acting combined with script had me guessing throughout the entire film what Austen characters are based on which people. The story was fairly predictable. We already know that Austen never got married. The filmmakers did a good job with aging the characters as time went on in the film. The scenery and sets were beautiful. The soundtrack was beautiful. The story was beautiful. Any Jane Austen fan will enjoy this one. Another film I plan on buying.

Akeelah and the Bee
Rating: Five out of five stars

Comments: This film is truly a feel-good movie. It encourages you to go after your dreams. The acting is good. The script is good. The movie is good. Can you believe it was made by Starbucks?

Christian Remarks: The race that Akeelah makes, pushing onward to the end of the spelling bee, reminds me of the race we as Christians must run. The film points out that the only fear holding you back is the fear of yourself, the fear that you're not good enough, the fear that others will mock you. But you must press forward. Akeelah gets help from her community, the same way we get help from each other in the Christian community. When Akeelah lies about her parental permission for the bee, she gets the full consequences. There are a few swearwords, but other than that it is a fairly clean movie.

Here are some other films I watched this weekend that you might enjoy:

Scoop: Although its perception of the afterlife is wrong and the film has several sex scenes, overall this is a good and hilarious film, although predictable.

Hollywoodland: The first third of the film is fairly clean, but the rest is chalk full of dirty jokes and bad language. The story is good. The acting is good. I recommend it to anyone who can handle the R rating. Just watch how it affects you afterwards.

Invincible: A great, clean film about following your dreams.

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Kathryn said...

Thanks for your insightful reviews! They've given me a few more movies to Tivo!!