Tuesday, August 14, 2007

An Old Weight Loss Journal Entry

I forgot to post my weekly weight loss entry yesterday, so here it is. Mind you, it's two years old.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

How appropriate is it that my last day of freedom was on Halloween?

I could burn all the leftover candy. It would be my official commitment to letting go of “fat food.” Perhaps I should save it and it will be there for a reward every once in a while.

I am going to have to shun temptation, unless I want my “diet” to fail.

Diet is such a broad term. There are so many possible “diets” out there. You might see a diet as a prison that takes freedom away.

But what is freedom? Don’t I truly gain freedom if I gain health and lose weight by exercising and eating right? It opens a door to respecting my body, but still being myself.

Going on a diet will not mean eating only healthy food. I can still eat other foods; I just need to watch my proportions and how much I eat. I will not stop eating or go on any specific diet, although I may try one method or another in the process. I will eat less, have a more balanced diet, snack on fruit when I get a “sweet tooth” craving, drink water when my mind tells me I am hungry but my stomach says I am full, and I will not put off going to the gym because of homework, TV, computer, or church.

Once I have changed the habits that prey on my health, then I will transform into a healthier young woman; then I will be truly free.

My parents are encouraging these changes. My mom is trying to lose weight too. It is a lot easier when you have someone else to go through it with you.

There is a long way to go with this. It is not going to be easy.

Just tonight, I was tempted to snack on some left over pizza. Instead, I reached further back into the fridge and grabbed a water instead.

I may not have done so well on my first day, but I am determined to respect my body and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

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Kathryn said...

I hope it goes well! I lost 25 lbs about 4 years ago, and have kept it off. I avoid carbs whenever possible. Rice, potatoes and bread are absolute, non-negotiable no-no's. I have fruit/yogurt/granola for breakfast every day, and I only drink water and the occasional Diet Coke. (my big treat) When I lost the weight, my cholesterol/blood pressure readings got much, much better, so I really am healthier. You can do it!!!