Thursday, August 2, 2007

Creative Thursday: God's Presence

I look up at the stars and see,

A world full of comfort, for me.

When I am near nature,

I feel only one thing,

I feel God's presence,

It is swift with the wind,

And shows me the way.

All the troubles that are on my mind disappear,

And I sing out with praise.

I can’t stop,

The feeling’s so sweet.

I feel the wind,

And see God's creations,

They stare back at me,

And send a message,

That God is watching over me no matter what.

God is everywhere,

His light shines into the darkness,

Protecting all those who seek it,

And I know that no matter what I think,

No matter how much I abandon Him,

He is always there.

And so at night,

I look up high,

Seeing God's presence I make a wish,

The wish upon the first star I see.

It is like a prayer to me,

A silent one from me to Him,

A hope that he will hear,

For the only place that I truly feel God's presence,

Is when I am near nature,

And see his creations around me.

I look up at the stars and make my wish,

Knowing that he heard me.


Krissy said...

ooo...pretty!!! :0) miss you!

KerBear said...

wow thats so beautiful