Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Woman at the Well Video

I know how it is to want to be loved. To want people to know how I feel and realize only God can truly understand who I am. I'm a plus sized girl. I want to be beautiful. I've nver had many friends. I like to brag sometimes when I do well on something or to talk endlessly about something because it makes me feel special.

That being said, I found the following video at The video is so amazing! The poem is wonderful but what really got me were the questions at the end. Just beautiful and thought provoking. I've been reading a book called Redeeming Love that deals with this too, based on Hosea. I'll post a review of that book next wednesday.

Do you remember who you were when you found Him?

Who are you now?

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Shalene said...

Wow! That was very moving. Thank you for sharing it! Blessings Harmony. I too know what it is like to want to be loved. Though I'm not a plus sized girl, I was a very tall, gawky girl growing up- all legs and head- and though I don't know your exact pain, I do know what it feels like just to want to be loved. Thank you for sharing something so personal as well. And in case no one has told you today. I love you, and so does HE.