Monday, July 16, 2007

Upcoming Movies

"Last Legion" looks interesting. The plot summary says nothing about Excalibur, but the trailer makes it look like it has something to do with both the end of the Roman Empire and with the beginnings of Excalibur. It has that girl from "Bride and Prejudice" in it, but more interestingly it has Colin Firth in it. I'm a fan of Firth, even if not all his movies are good. I'm hoping this will be one worth seeing.

What caught my eye with "December Boys" is that it includes Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Harry Potter. Normally I would not like this sort of movie, but since it has Radcliffe and it seems like a feel good movie I may go see it. I just hope the PG-13 rating for sexual content, nudity, and drugs and smoking isn't too blatant.

Speaking of Harry Potter, I saw the 5th movie yesterday. Look forward to a review tomorrow, hopefully.

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