Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Music Man fails again

I often go to nearbye shows for fun - even shows more than a couple of hours away. That being said, I did go see the show "The Music Man" which is totally overrated. I've been in that show, and this production stunk. Anyway, there was a review of it in the paper here: http://www.modbee.com/arts/reviews/story/13800559p-14378804c.html

I completely disagree with this review. I know a lot of people who aren't as experienced as I am with Broadway and Local shows would enjoy any show, even if it was the worst production in the world. Sometimes I wish I could be that simple, but I can't. MPA's production of "The Music Man" really is not that great. I hate to say it, but Paul is loosing his touch as he gets older. His sets are nothing special and his chorography is much too simple and boring to watch. Debbie was a mutch better chorographer. As for the costumes, they are very unrealistic. First of all, at the beginning of the show the costumes should seem dull and boring, reflecting the attitude of the townsfold. Sure, a little color would not hurt by the end of the show to bring out the transformation of attitudes, but having pastel colors for the entire show against the dull sets is just rediculous. Second of all, the costumes are inaccurate. For pete's sake, as much as I liked Grace Lieberman in this production, she was wearing Sandals for part of the show! They didn't wear neon green sandals back then. I was also dissapointed with the Well's Fargo Wagon, which was puny and small. Not much to it and not at all matching up to the excitement the song that builds up to its entrance. Marian and Professor Hill also have terrible looks. Hill has a mustache and little sideburns that are very non flattering. His jackets also seem way too big on him. Marian has terrible posture and her costumes blurr her out and give her no figure. She's just plain, nothing special or pretty. I would not mind that if it weren't for the fact that she has no figure. She's supposed to be pretty. At one point in the show a salesman says he'd like to spend m or etime with her, implying she's very pretty and he wants to make out with her. If I were a man judging on looks, I wouldn't want to make out with her. Another thing that bothered me was that her dresses did not touch the floor. It was scandalous back then for a woman to wear a dress that did not touch the floor (unless you were a youngster). I also have to disagree with the comments Lisa made regarding the acting and singing in the production. Many of the leads, including Marian and Professor Hill, were often flat. They were also boring in their performances and did not look the part. Jacob Bronson's high pitched voice also got on my nerves. The rest of the cast was so so, I did enjoy Barbara as Mrs. Paroo, but overall it was just a boring show. Not as bad as "Oliver." "Oliver" just plain lacked energy and any good quality at all. I must admit, however, that Tovi Wayne has improved, he was less distracted in "Music Man," although I still don't think he can sing very well. The only great thing in this show was the chorus. With so many people of so many different ages in your chorus and a musical director like Darrel Lingenfelter how can you fail? Still, I just could not enjoy this show at all. This is not the first review I've completely disagreed with of Lisa's. I'm not sure I'm going to trust her reviews any more.

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