Monday, July 30, 2007

Personal Monday: Obesity on the Move

I am obese. I admit it. But looking back at my own life and seeing the way obesity has affected our culture, especially in the US, I have to say that I know I need to eat healthier and exercise more, and so does the rest of the world. Now, based on that short and simple fact, I have to say I do agree that obese parents should get their act together and direct their children in a healthier direction. A recent study shows that birds of a feather stick together.
The more you hang out with plus-sized people, the more likely you are to become one. I'm not saying to go dump all your friends who are obese, but you could go on a diet and go exercising with those friends. Friends can keep friends in check, right? Besides all this and a very interesting study on obesity that has just been released, I found the following article on obese people trying to adopt versus homorsexuals trying to adopt.
I do believe that in either case many things should be taken into consideration. I've always been against homosexual adoption because I believe homosexuality is wrong and is pointed out as wrong in the Bible. I also think that homosexual parenting affects children negatively and takes away the balance of having both a mother and a father in the home. Although, I have nothing against single parents. In the case of obese parents, I do not think children should be taken away from parents or guardians unless it is a matter of life and death. An obese parent who spoils their child so much that the child could die before they reach adulthood should not have the right to keep that child. In the case of the family in the article, I believe they should have the right to keep the child. Emotional effects and such should be taken into consideration.

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