Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Harry Potter Week


In honor of Harry Potter week, I thought I would post something about the upcoming movie and book. I'm a huge Harry Potter fan. I'm also a Christian. No, that's not redundant. If you'd like a good read, check out the book "Looking for God in Harry Potter" by John Granger. I give it five stars! Actually, I've only been a fan since the first movie came out. Recently, my uncle told me it was blasphemous, so I went out and bought Granger's book and am now totally convinced that there is nothing wrong with Harry Potter.To tell the truth, the fifth book was my least favorite book. Then again, the fourth book was my favorite book, but the fourth movie was my least favorite movie. I have a feeling that the fifth movie is going to be really good. So far, my favorite movie is the third one. I'm hoping to see this next installment on IMAX. It should be good. I'll post a review once it comes out.I'm also anxious for the last book to come out. Any predictions? By the way, the link at the top of this post takes you to a short article on the upcoming movie that is accompanied by an extra movie clip.

P.S. On a personal note, I really wanted to go to the midnight opening. I did a 3 AM showing for Spiderman 3 on IMAX and it was so much fun, even if the movie was not so amazing. I have a good feeling about the fifth Harry Potter movie, though. Unfortunately, I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning, so I can't have the excitement of going tonight. Since my mom can't take me till Friday, I have to wait. But once I see it I'll be sure to post a review.

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