Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ending to Harry Potter 7 Leaked

So, the latest in news is that some guy who agrees with the Pope that the Harry Potter novels are evil has decided to steal the seventh novel and leak the ending. I've read the letter this guy sent out, and I'm hoping it's a hoax for the said goal. The guy claims that Hermione and Hagrid die. I can see both these deaths happening. Hermione because her death, according to the source, is a sacrificial death (some sort of sacrifice occurs in every book) and Hagrid because he is a minor character. Still, I'd hate to see both of them go. The guy who wrote the letter has terrible English skill, so, for now, I won't give him much credit. Plus, I don 't agree with his assessment of the books at all. I think Christian themes and morals can easily be found in the books. Besides, releasing the ending is just going to make people want to read to confirm whether it's true or not, so the goal of this guy is up in smoke. On another note, people will still read the last book if they are already fans, after all this is the last book in the series. Anyone new to the series will have to start with the first book. I already knew the ending of the first book, from the movie, when I read it, and I still enjoyed it.

Edited (7-23-07): The leaks put out by the guy claiming Hermione and Hagrid die in the 7th book are false. However, other leaks that are photos of the first and last chapter of the book are accurate.

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